Our Goals

Create a Clothing Brand with Meaning

Our main purpose is to inspire and motivate individuals into greatness with an iconic brand that pushed the limits and recognizes greatness.


Potential ICONS

Potential Icons in Colorado Springs

Est. 2021

Our Story

Colorado Icons is a subsidiary branch of the Epoch Company – A premium creative media company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Epoch Company offers services in wedding and engagement photography, product photography, commercial videography, podcast producing and hosting, graphic design…. pretty much anything creative done with photo, video, and audio.

Colorado Icons came about in a conversation about how we wanted to inspire greatness and recognize the individuals who are making an impact in our local community.

The Colorado ICONS brand is meant to inspire individuals to reach beyond what they believe they can accomplish and push themselves to higher limits.

Not only is it an inspired emotion but also a recognized action on and offline as well. One of our main thoughts behind the Colorado ICONS brand is to not only create a brand that inspires greatness but also recognizes it in our local communities.

We will be pursuing and recognizing individuals who live an iconic life and are pursuing something greater than themselves. So if that’s you… You just might get a package from us very soon!

Our Future

Recognize Greatness

We’re building a brand that reaches beyond clothing. Our logo and brand represent greatness, inspiration, and motivation. So, we use the brand as a catalyst to recognize and highlight the individuals in our community who are doing great things and making an impact on those around them.



Individuals recognized as icons

Core Values

There’s a lot that goes into what defines an icon but these core values are a good place to start.


Has an impact on their community and works towards making it better.


Has meaning behind their actions that go beyond their own goals


Puts in the work and spends the time achieving their dreams.


Believes in the power of positivity and has moral standards in their actions.

Creator and Founder

Adam Hebert

Who am I? I’m just a guy with big ideas and a passion for making them happen. I started on this journey with Epoch Moment, a wedding and engagement photography company. Throughout the years, that one company expanded into a video company (Epoch 365), followed by a second photography company (Epoch X), followed by this clothing brand, digital magazines, podcasts, and more. I absolutely love being creative and building something out of a simple idea.

Colorado Icons is just that… A simple idea that turned into a big idea. It started as just a way to produce clothing lines for my own company brands, but as I built it out I felt it could be way more than just a clothing brand. I felt that the brand itself could be an idea that helps motivate and recognize entrepreneurs and individuals making real change in our community. As business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs, and people making a difference – We work hard and most times it goes unrecognized.¬†Colorado Icons is here to fix that.

I love Colorado as much as I love being an entrepreneur.

Adam Hebert

Owner and Creator